Painting, Psychoanalysis, and Spirituality.

Published by Cambridge University Press, New York, in January 2001, this book examines the spiritual and transcendental dimension of painting. Using psychoanalytical ideas, Newton analyses the inner core of the creative process, showing how painting can psychologically transform the artist of viewer through engagement with the spiritual dimension of the artwork. The analysis ranges through modern and contemporary artists such as Roger Hilton, Willem de Kooning, Philip Guston and George Baselitz, and earlier painters including Fra Angelico, Leonardo, Nicholas Poussin, and Cezanne. By exposing the unconscious creative processes that determine the figurative symbols and narratives formulated to represent them, he advances the theory of artistic creatvitity.
Contemporary Artists and their Critics
2001 253 x 177mm 280pp 68 half-tones 8 colour plates
available in paperback or hardback.
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‘an extremely worthwhile book’ – Adrian Lewis, The Art Book.

‘ambitious and closely argued’ – Gavin Parkinson, TLS.

‘a carefully argued reassessment of the connection between art and psychoanalytic theory’ – Karen A.Levine, Tema Celeste.

‘stands proudly in a series which goes back to Freud’s ‘Leonardo’ (1910)’ – Derek J.Smith, Journal of Consciousness Studies.

‘overall the book is erudite and often brilliant in dealing with art and art theory’ – Gilbert J.Rose, Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.